Youth Boost Payment

The Youth Boost payment is available to eligible employers who hire an unemployed young person (aged 15-24) between 1 December 2016 and 31 October 2017 (inclusive). If you employed an eligible young jobseeker after the 28th February 2017, prior to announcement of the initiative’s extension on 2 March 2017, you may still apply for a Youth Boost payment.

Employers are able to apply for Youth Boost from 29 December 2016, noting that as part of the eligibility requirements an employee must be employed for a period of 4 weeks before an application can be made.

Applications for the first payment must be received within 12 weeks of the commencement date of the employee. Applications received after this timeframe will not be eligible.

Additional applications will be required for the second and final parts of the Youth Boost payments.

Employers will need to substantiate ongoing eligibility. At the completion of the 26 week employment period applicants will have 12 weeks to claim for the second payment. At the completion of the 52 week employment period applicants will have 12 weeks to claim for the third and final payment.

What funding is available?
Funding of $20,000 (for a full time employee) is available under the Youth Boost initiative. Payments are made directly to the employer of an eligible employee, and are paid in three parts (subject to an approved application):

first payment of $6,000 after 4 weeks of continuous employment;
second payment of $7,000 after 26 weeks of continuous employment; and
final payment of $7,000 on completion of 52 weeks continuous employment.

Eligible part-time jobs between 20 and 35 hours per week on average (or 8 to 35 hours per week on average for a young person with a disability with an approved work assessment) attract 75% of the full Youth Boost payment (i.e. $15,000 over 12 months in three payments).

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