Barbara Kelly for Farmers for Climate Action Working Group

Bark Kelly new President of SEQOA (South East Queensland Olive Growers Association) and Drew from Clovely Estate

As part of the National Farmers Federation “Farmers for Climate Action” is an inclusive movement driven by farmers, for farmers calling for immediate action on climate change and supporting on-farm adaptation and mitigation to ensure a positive future for generations of Australian farmers.

The Energy Transformation Working Group has been setup to incorporate various farming backgrounds including Barbara Kelly, President, South East Queensland Olive Growers Association and member of Queensland Olive Council.

More than 3000 farmers are calling for a national plan for regional Australia and climate change, following the release of a report outside Parliament House in Canberra.

The Rural Futures Report*, released by Farmers for Climate Action and The Next Economy, sets out a vision for a vibrant and sustainable regional Australia.  It comes out of extensive discussions with experts, farmers and rural Australians.

Farmers for Climate Action CEO, Verity Morgan-Schmidt said: “This report highlights that we have opportunities to address the challenges facing regional communities, including climate, in ways that strengthen and diversify regional economies.

“This includes a support scheme for farmers to earn complementary income through activities such as installing renewable energy projects on farm land, carbon farming and water quality initiatives.

“We also have the chance to invest in innovative and climate smart agricultural practices to improve the health of soils and manage a changing climate. Without a plan, however those opportunities will be missed.”

Ms Morgan-Schmidt said failing to plan for the future of regional Australia would have much wider ramifications.

“Agriculture was the fastest growing sector of GDP last year. Its success is tied to thriving regional economies. Yet the Government has no plan to deal with the biggest threat facing Agriculture in Australia — climate change.

“We are calling on the Federal Government to heed the voices of regional Australians and put ideology aside and deliver a much needed plan for the bush,” Ms Morgan-Schmidt said.

The report’s lead author Dr Amanda Cahill from The Next Economy said: “All around the world, countries are embracing new technologies to reduce and absorb carbon emissions while creating new jobs across all sectors of the economy.

“Yet in Australia, our Federal Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science clings to old and dying industries. Given Australia’s vast resources and know-how, why aren’t our leaders focussing on how we manage the transition to a zero emissions economy to create new jobs for regional Australia?”

President of Community Energy for Goulburn Ed Suttle said: “We have been working to build Australia’s largest community owned solar farm in the country, yet the instability around energy policy has made investors wary.

“Renewable energy offers farmers an alternative source of income that can help see them through tough years — like we are currently experiencing. The lack of vision and support from this Government for policy that will benefit regional Australia is mind blowing.”


About Barbara Kelly

Barbara worked in secondary education for 30 years as a teacher and Deputy Principal but her heart has always remained firmly tied to the land. She was raised on a mixed grain and cattle property in Queensland’s South Burnett which, combined with her university studies majoring in Geography, informed a lifelong interest and commitment to sustainable farming practice. She dabbled in various hobbies during her teaching career, including an angora goat enterprise and a cafe. Barbara now owns and manages a small agritourism business near Boonah based around a boutique olive grove which sells olive product locally (Scenic Rim Olives & The Grove Cottage) and is in the process of regenerating the family farm at Nanango. She is President of the South East Queensland Olive Growers Association, member of the Queensland Olive Council and a tireless ambassador and practical supporter of the Scenic Rim Region’s Eat Local campaign.


See more about Farmers for Climate Action

Copy of the report can be found here


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