Assessing olives before harvest

The Queensland Olive Council  Inc  (QOCI) is the peak body for the Queensland Olive Industry and was re-established in September 2016.  The core membership consists of Queensland olive growers and producers, individuals, groups and others in the industry who are keen to see the growth of the Queensland Industry.

QOCI exists to:

    1. To promote and conduct training for members and their staff
    2. To promote and conduct seminars, exhibitions and public education as appropriate.
    3. To facilitate the sharing of information and provide network opportunities for members.
    4. To represent and promote the interests of Members and the Association in any matter pertinent to the olive industry.
    5. To foster, support and encourage research in the olive industry.
    6. To represent members in respect to legislative change or pending legislative change in any matter that may affect the olive industry.
    7. To foster co-operation and goodwill between research, educational institutions and any other association or body formed for the betterment of the olive industry.
    8. To promote the interests of the Association and to do all such other lawful things as the Association may consider incidental or conducive to the attainment or advancement of the objects of the Association.
    9. To establish or cause to be established Regional Committees.
    10. To plan and deliver projects and services funded by the Olive Industry Fund.

QOCI is an independent commercially focussed not-for-profit organisation that provides a range of services to help members to achieve greater success in the Queensland Olive Industry.  QOCI is again considered as the voice for issues relating to Growers and Producers and works to foster support for the Queensland Olive Industry within the wider community.


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