Reasons Why You Should Join the QOC

You are invited to be part of our state olive industry in Queensland.

Make meaningful and personal connections, develop long-term relationships, and make an impact in your professional community -advocacy, leadership and contribution.

Every Queensland Olive Council member is able to benefit from:

1. Competitive Advantage

The Queensland Olive Council looks to provide members with a competitive advantage because they become active and informed members of the Industry.  QOCI is always looking at Industry statistics and opportunities to further the competitive advantage of Members and Friends.

2. Develop Your Network

Industry organizations are flush with peers and potential mentors. Networking at events and conferences will bring you into contact with people doing the same things as you are, facing the same challenges. You also have the opportunity to interact with the regulatory sector to learn from them.

3. Gain Industry Insights

What’s new in your industry? What emerging trends are on the horizon? Engaging within industry organizations can bring keen insights to happenings in the Industry.  Educational learning opportunities through technical committees, short courses, and conferences can bring key advantages to giving you and your company a jump on implementing new technologies and trends. Understanding regulatory changes and implications.  You can also gain exposure and experience with new information about sustainable practices which can lead to additional opportunities and advantage for you and your olive business.

4. Create & Strengthen Your Brand Story

Who are you in the Industry? What do you want to be known for? Through industry engagement you can develop your brand story and open additional channels for trade.

5. Personal Fulfillment of Belonging to a Wider Community

Industry advocacy and engagement can bring an immense sense of personal fulfillment, especially when you are able to contribute and make an impact on the organization.

6. Political Movements

Tracking federal and state legislative developments that impact our industry. QOCI wields political influence on behalf of the members rather than individual members trying to gain traction on issues that affect them.  When you join the Queensland Olive Council, you can join a bigger movement with the group’s political clout and resources.

7. Perks

The Queensland Olive Council aligns with other Agricultural Groups and Associations for the greater interest of members.  Special discounts and invitations are on offer from time to time.


How to Join

Visit our website at Forms and Downloads and complete the membership form and an invoice will be emailed to you.


For any questions, please contact our CEO at:

Queensland Olive Council Inc.
C/- The Olive Centre, 74 Castle Road, Cabarlah  QLD  4352
PH:  07 4696 9845