Queensland Olive Council Established to Support Growing Industry

QUEENSLAND 5th September 2016:  The Queensland Olive Council Inc has formerly been approved by ASIC and is setup to function as the “Voice of Queensland” at a national level.

The Queensland Olive Council  Inc  (QOCI) is the peak body for the Queensland Olive Industry .  The core membership consists of Queensland olive growers and producers, individuals, groups and others in the industry who are keen to see the growth of the Queensland Industry.

The Queensland Olive Council signed in office bearers as President & Secretary as Amanda Bailey or The Olive Centre and Treasurer as Aaron Stephan from Clovely Estate.

“There are unique problems facing the Queensland Olive Industry and Queensland Growers and producers want to have a voice at a national level to be able to tackle these issues which are pertinent to our industry”  says President Amanda Bailey.

“Being in a climate that is conducive to pest and disease issues means we need to be vigilant in a different way to many other growers nationally.  Queensland definitely has its issues before it and we need to tackle these in different ways and have strategies that manage problems in more targeted way.  However, Queensland is the perfect location for Table Olives and in this part of the country we are leading the way with Table Olive Quality… our conditions here are perfect.  The awareness of oil quality should not be discounted either as Queenslanders are winning accolades and the latest example would be from the Royal Adelaide Olive Awards last week” says Bailey.

The members of QOCI are ready to start making changes and the Queensland industry is set to make its mark!


Amanda Bailey – President & Secretary

07 4696 9845 or email sales@theolivecentre.com.au



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